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American Energy

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9.8 Million

That's the number of Americans whose jobs are supported by the oil and natural gas industry—each with a story to tell. Meet Aisha, a geoscientist, whose visit to an oil platform on Take your Child to Work Day sparked a lifelong passion for understanding the earth. Or Thuy, who emigrated from Saigon to Houston as a child and went on to become a director of petrophysics. Click through to hear how American energy works for them.

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America's oil and natural gas industry directly and indirectly supports 9.8 million American jobs—and the opportunities keep on coming. One out of every five new private jobs created between 2003 and 2011 was supported by oil and gas, paying an average wage that is over $12,000 more than the national average.

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Chief Materials Scientist, Okla.

Chief Materials Scientist 

Quality Assurance Officer, Alaska

Quality assurance officer 

District Manager (Retail), Ohio

District Manager 


All across America, communities are experiencing unprecedented economic revivals stimulated by oil and gas. In Mansfield Pa., a local hardware store's sales increase tenfold. In Bismarck, Nd., unemployment drops to 3 percent—America's lowest. Want to hear more?

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Bakken Shale Supporting North Dakota Communities Part 1

Bakken Shale Part 1 

The State of American Energy: Oil & Natural Gas Industry Creates Jobs in Mount Vernon, OH

The State of American Energy Oil and Natural Gas Industry Creates Jobs in Mount Vernon OH 

Bakken Shale Supporting North Dakota Communities Part 2

Bakken Shale Part 2